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Jakob Schwalb-Willmann

Jakob Schwalb-Willmann

2016 EAGLE Student

Jakob Schwalb-Willmann (25) studied Geography and Sociology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Unviersity of Munich for his Bachelor degree, where he specialized in remote sensing. During two internships at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Jakob heightened his fascination for both the technical and applicational aspects of remote sensing and related topics. Since October 2016, he is part of the EAGLE MSc. programme at University of Wuerzburg. Since January 2017, he is working at the Chair of Remote Sensing at University of Wuerzburg as a student research assistant. In this framework, he has been developing moveVis, an R package for visualizing animal movement along with environmental data (see During an internship at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, he had the opportunity to gain knowledge on the thematic overlaps between Geoanalysis and Ecology, and has been involved in the development of a movement analysis web platform. From October 2017 to April 2018, he was spending an ERASMUS+ Grant semester in northern Italy, working at the European Academy of Bolzano (EURAC). There, he developed an automatized processing framework to detect alpine-wide forest change with high temporal and spatial precision, being part of the Sentinel Alpine Observatory. Currently, he is investigating the use of Deep Learning to predict movement from fused environmental and movement tracking data in order to identify anomalies in animal-environment interactions within the scope of his master thesis.

Jakob wants to utilize remote sensing and geoanalysis to propose and apply strategies that could enable humans to cope with the wide-ranging challenges of sustaining human survival on Earth. He joined the EAGLE program because he considers it as an extraordinary opportunity to deepen his methodological and applicational knowledge in the field of Earth observation.

Jakob is a passionate aircraft pilot, holding his pilot license since 2012. Personally, he enjoys cooking and likes photography and filming.