Answers to FAQs

Here you will find answers to some questions that have been asked by other visitors of the EAGLE students’ webpage or that we assume to be interesting for you. Please note that much more information on the EAGLE program is provided by the EAGLE staff on the official EAGLE Master webpage and feel free to contact us any time for further questions!
When did the EAGLE Master program start?
The EAGLE Master program started in October 2016. At our students’ page you find information about the first EAGLE students and the subsequent generations.
I am not from Germany and want to study in Würzburg. What should I consider before my arrival?
The University of Würzburg provides a list of useful information about everything you need to do before your arrival here. We recommend all international students to go through it! General information on studying in Würzburg as an international student can be found on this site also by the university.

In addition, read this post, written by one of our international students, about what to do to start your life in Germany.

Where can I find subject specific provisions (FSB) describing the EAGLE study program and its modules?
The University of Würzburg provides subject specific provisions (German: Fachspezifische Bestimmungen, FSB) for every offered study program. The EAGLE FSB provides general information on provisions, information on the ways of achievement evaluations within the study program, official information on the qualification process and an overview on each module. You can find the FSB for the EAGLE Master program here (unfortunately German language only).
I could not find what I am searching for. What to do now?
For general information on the EAGLE master program we recommend you to visit the official EAGLE Master webpage. There you will find information on the courses, lectures, EAGLE staff members, the application process and much more. If your questions could not be anwsered there, feel free to contact the EAGLE students directly using our contact form following this link!