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Students’ Board EAGLE 2016
Julia Sauerbrey
Pilar Endara
Johannes Löw

Students’ Board EAGLE 2017
Johni Miah
Marius Philipp
Nina Gnann
Pawel Kluter

Web Administration
Jakob Schwalb-Willmann
Marcus Groll
Silvan Steiner
Pawel Kluter

Using the online form below, you can simply contact us, the EAGLE students, directly. If you have specific questions about the EAGLE master program, please first check out the official EAGLE master webpage provided by the EAGLE staff and read our frequently asked questions. If your question is not anwsered after that or if you have something else in mind you want to tell us, feel free to write us a message! Please enter your email address and your name so that we can back to you.

Please note that it could take us little time to respond depending on the matter of concern. We are looking forward to your message!

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