The internship at DLR gave me the opportunity to contribute to a case study investigating the effect of spatial resolution on the snow classification accuracy using different sensor images using Spot-5, Sentinel, Landsat, and MODIS for the time frame of 1984 to 2018. The study area covers the mountainous region of Europe with snow cover, for instance in Alps and mountainous parts of Spain, United Kingdom as well as Scandinavian countries. There are some general assumptions that the results of classifications from higher resolution satellite image will have higher accuracy, but there were no such scientific papers in the respective field that confirm this assumption. Therefore, the study aimed to fulfil this gap.

Talking about how this internship impacted my professional carrier, the divers working environment of DLR allowed me to interact with colleagues from different countries. As a result, I enhanced my skill sets by working in a multi cultural environment of DLR. Talking more about DLR, it is an accredited research institution especially in Geoscience related field, it strengthened my knowledge in the field of earth observation and gave me the opportunity to make professional connections in the related field.

The internship tasks were clearly structured and my supervisor was available most of the times for my queries. My working station was in the intern’s room, where all trainees from different departments work , so I had the chance to get introduced with other students.

The working hours are flexible, that gives you the freedom to manage your time in an efficient way and work in your own pace. You may work longer and save few hours for the Friday afternoon or come earlier in the morning and leave earlier.

During my internship I had the chance to participate in side events like workshops, seminars and a tour to the satellite Mission control centre which is offered for every new intern. Accommodation cost is higher in downtown of Munich as compared to the suburbs where the cost is relatively equal to Wuerzburg. The DLR office is located in the suburb of Munich called Wessling. It is an hour drive from the city centre to Wessling by “S-Bahn” , and it is easy to find a cheap accommodation near the respective area. Living in Munich gives you a opportunity to discover Museums and historical buildings for instance, “frauenkirche”, Nymphenburg Palace, Munich Residence, New & Old town Hall, St. Peter’s Church are famous, as well as there are many museums that are famous, which are : “Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum” It is a museum for vehicles, Old & New and Modern Pinacoteca. If you are a football fan, you can visit the famous football stadium, which is called “Allianz Arena”. Moreover, there is a famous festival in Munich every year called “October Fest” that starts from 21st of September and ends 6th of October with more than 6 million people in it. On the other hand, if you are a nature lover, Munich can offer you more, like you can reach the Alps  in an hour by regional train for hiking, biking and camping. Not only that, here are many beautiful lakes in Wessling to spend your free time.