The 4th EAGLE generation is already slowly approaching the end of the first semester and already a lot has happened in this first months. One highlight was visiting the DLR’s Earth Observation Center (DLR-EOC) in Oberpfaffenhofen close to Munich in December. There have been many interesting talks, which gave us a broad insight into the topics of the Earth Observation Center:

  • Assessment of forest cover dynamics in Paraguay
    (Dr. Emmanuel Da Ponte Canova)
  • EO for urban applications (Daniela Palacios Lopez)
  • Understanding land degradation in South Africa – the SALDi project (Dr. Andreas Hirner)
  • Deep learning methods in remote sensing
    (Thorsten Höser)
  • Extreme hot and dry summers in Germany – Analysis of long-term Earth Observation time series of vegetation condition (Sophie Reinermann)
  • Water related information on the sustainable development of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam – the WISDOM project (Juliane Huth)
  • Automatic Extraction of Antarctic Glacier Front Dynamics – A deep learning approach
    (Celia Baumhoer)

Furthermore, we had the opportunity to talk to DLR PhD students and researchers to get helpful hints for our careers. If this wasn’t enough, we got a tour through the German Space Operation Center (GSOC) and some of the participants would have loved to stay. 

Unfortunately, we could not stay there directly, but some of us will certainly come back to DLR for an internship or his/her master thesis. We all gained a lot of unique impressions and deeper insights into the daily work with remote sensing data.

The day after the DLR visit we explored Garmisch-Partenkirchen on a hike and we have been really lucky, because there was snow and so we could have a snowball fight.

Yes, we, Eagles, love winter and that’s why a few of us went to the ice-skating rink in Würzburg in January.

Beside sports activities the 4th generation loves cookies and specially EAGLE Cookies.  Special Thanks to Helena for baking and the great idea to print a rotary cutter with a 3D-Printer.