On the weekend of 17th and 18th of October, three EAGLEs met at the “Wasserkuppe”, the highest mountain of Hessen in the landscape called “Rhön”. Daily handling of airborne images as remote sensing student definitely makes you wishing to experience this bird view yourself by taking the chance of checking out paragliding. This is why we traveled up to the Wasserkuppe where one has the possibility to test paragliding at the Papillon Paragliding Center.

We started with some technical and theoretical background information, we got from our two flight teachers. Since as remote sensing student most of us also have a background in physical geography we are of high advantage in being used to talk about actual weather situations and phenomenons you have to be aware. Because sight did not get better and the wind came a bit from the wrong direction for making the first flight, we drove to another spot located not directly at Wasserkuppe, but nearby.

It seems EAGLEs students are born to fly! Both our teachers did not believe that none of us ever did paragliding before. This is why we were already able to make about 6 flights per person – just the day we got to see how to handle a paraglider the first time.

All of use enjoyed this exciting weekend pretty much. Just like Mike said: “The feeling of the ground disappearing below your feet was one of the most exciting things I’ve yet experienced”. It was nice to come together with some fellow students and have some talks between the generations. …and at least one of us will definitely go further and take the next change to make a paragliding licence.

See you up in the sky – EAGLEs !!!