Instead of hosting a football competition as it always had been for the last years, the Geo Summer Party 2019 Planning Committee instead decided to introduce a new game: Dodgeball. As last year, EAGLE students formed a team representing the Department of Remote Sensing at the University of W├╝rzburg and fought hard to survive the competition. Browse through the images below to get some impressions of the event ­čÖé


An EAGLE dodgeball team member is observing a group of opponents from its position for attack in a first round match.


Strong skills not only in throwing the balls but also in avoiding them were required to master the Geo Summer Party’s dodgeball competition.


An EAGLE dogeball team member is entering the field, switching from throwing the ball to being thrown at.


Why not refresh yourself with a sandwich, while your team mates fight for the win? Regeneration through refreshments have been an important pillar for the success of the EAGLE dodgeball team in some matches.


A moment of action, frozen into an image captured milliseconds before a critical ball was thrown by the opponent.


Good matches can always be recognized by the mutual respect that the teams display afterwards. Unfortunately, respect, morale and attitude alone do not lead to victories. The EAGLE dodgeball team showed hard fights and tremendous skills, but was not able to bring the Cup home to our Department. Maybe next year!