Since more and more EAGLEs of the 1st generation started to stretch their wings, it is time for one last recap. Over the last two and a half years, every one of us was quite busy learning new and exciting techniques and methods in the scientific field of remote sensing. We also were given the chance to expand our network and explore academic fields, which were not necessarily related to our previous occupations. As everybody has found a topic worth exploring, it is safe to say that the initially promised space for personal and academic development has been successfully established. This becomes even more evident, when the individual progress is observed more closely. People, who had difficulties following the classes at the start of the program, now develop their own processing frameworks and implement them in a variety of programming languages. Whereas those, who had prior experience in Earth observation, significantly expanded their knowledge and skill set. As one by one is leaving the eyrie (internally referenced as horst), we set out onto very different paths. Some of us are exploring the economic potential of remote sensing by starting their own company, while others reap the benefits of their networking efforts by joining one of the institutions connected to the program. Others again decided to stay close to the eyrie pursuing their PhD while simultaneously mentoring new generations of EAGLEs.

In sum, I think it is fair to say that we spent some great time together making new friends and finding interesting and exciting topics to discuss as we explored new aspects in the field of Earth observation and geoanalysis. Therefore, we would like to express our gratitude to all those who made this journey possible. May they keep out the good work, so that future generations can at least have as much fun as we had.

Reporting as a 1st generation representative,



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