After 2 months of back-to-back courses, one exam, and a lot of studies the EAGLE of the 6th generation took a break at Berchtesgaden enjoying a lot of snow!!
The group of 14 left for this winter wonderland on December 9th after an informative seminar session on GDAL. They traveled in 3 groups where 2 groups took a ride in the cars of Caroline and Sarah and one group reached there by train. Arriving at Berchtesgaden they were hosted at Ina’s grandparents’ house which was a wonderful and huge place to accommodate all of us.

The next day after a delicious German breakfast the group joined the scheduled virtual DLR excursion together in the living room of the house which even surprised the DLR team. It was evident throughout the DLR excursion and tour the group held their motto of learning while having fun.
After a delicious spaghetti bolognese lunch, the EAGLES went for small walks near the house exploring and experiencing the pure magic of snow. The village was blanketed with white powdered snow reveling in the scenic beauty of the place. That night was celebrated with games, music, dance, beer, Glühwein, and Indian food.

On the third day, the group was excited to get back to the garden of the house and build a snowman family consisting of snow women with a baby, a drunk snowman, snow children, a snow cat, and a snow tortoise. Well.. the snow did bring out the child in EAGLES which still was super awesome.
And this day they took a hike in half a meter of snow to see the waterfall. It was cold and tiring at least for some, but the determination of the EAGLE group was strong enough to reach there and listen to the burble of the waterfall. After returning back to the house the group enjoyed a finger-licking Lasagna and games in the basement.

The last day at Berchtesgaden was rather sad and busy. The EAGLES had already fallen in love with the place and the snow to return back. However, after fast bidding of farewell to the place, the EAGLES flew back to Würzburg with a lot of snow still glittering in their spirits. Now they are fresh and ready to get back to lessons with more spirit and enthusiasm.