Last month, from 19-21 February 2019, a group of EAGLE students participated at the “Big Data from Space” conference in Munich. The conference co-organized by ESA & DLR focused on three main topics:

1) Latest advances in machine and deep learning

2) Latest developments of user-friendly platforms to process Big Data

3) New methods to gain knowledge from Big Data in Earth Observation

Eagle students who participated in the conference. From left to right: Malin, Salim, Nathaly, Henrik and Sebastian

The aim of the conference is to bring European researchers, companies and institutions in the field of Geospatial Big Data together to strengthen the exchange of methods, technologies and user needs between stakeholders. Therefore, new methods and applications for innovative data analysis were presented on the conference. Additionally, the combination of different spatial data sources and geospatial cloud computing platforms were promoted. Listening to all these presentations from scientists and developers gave a great insight about the current state of research in Big Data Processing and Artificial Intelligence Development. During the coffee breaks were many opportunities to interact with presenters and participants to not only strengthen our knowledge and but also to gain contacts for possible internships. Various other topics were also presented during the poster session. There we had chances to ask questions and discuss with authors as well.

In conclusion, we gained a better knowledge about the current state of research on geospatial big data and its applications and also had the great opportunity to meet up with other participants and discuss with them.