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Today, the new EAGLE intake that pooled from all over the World has completed six academic weeks in the program – it’s about time to introduce ourselves!

Our diverse group of students spent their first week being drilled and thrilled by a series of introductory lectures by Dr. Claudia Künzer, Head of the Land Cover Department at DLR’s Earth Observation Centre. Along with teaching remote sensing, satellite systems and image analysis basics, she provided a personal insight into the sector in general and a multitude of applications. Then, ready for take-off, we started our regular courses ranging from theory and application of optical and radar remote sensing over relevant skills in programming, GIS and image analysis to vegetation biogeography, mineral exploration or scientific presentation. And as we settle into a naturally-busy schedule, jumping between lectures, we will try and keep you posted about what we are up to.

Finally, you are now able to sneak a peek at each of our individual backgrounds, motivation and what we intend to do for the next chapter of our lives. But for now…

Signing out,

The Third EAGLE Generation!

Written by Yomna Hamza Eid and Malin Fischer