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Pawel Kluter

Pawel Kluter

2017 EAGLE Student, Member of the Students' Board

Pawel Kluter (28) obtained his bachelor’s degree in Physical Geography at Goethe University Frankfurt, through a thesis within the Remote Sensing and GIS Research Group. Working under supervision of Dr. Irene Marzolff, he contributed to the AGASouss research project (DFG-Projekt MA 2549/3-1).
His task was to develop a method that enables future monitoring of land-use change in the province of Taroudannt, Morocco. In order to acquire ground truth data he went to Taroudannt, the study area of AGASouss.

As postgraduate he worked in Product Development Environments & Testing at Deutsche Telekom AG. Furthermore, he engaged in coding and designing website solutions in the medical sector as a freelancer.
The new skill sets he gained in a professional work environment now prove to be useful dealing with the demands of remote sensing.

The EAGLE program emerged at the right time and space. It’s the perfect opportunity and logical continuation of the specialization in remote sensing that started in Frankfurt am Main.
The wide choice of the thematic and methodical curriculum as well as the possibility to solve problems through code were essential to his decision to join the program.

Pawel was elected member of the Students’ Board by his fellow students.
He considers this position as a chance to take responsibility, engage with the campus community and to help shape this MSc program.

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