Last Friday, students and staff at the Department of Earth Observation Research traded the lecture rooms for a bouldering hall where they came together for a social event. With feet squeezed into climbing shoes and chalky hands, the participants embraced the challenge of conquering the walls. More experienced boulderers were happy to give newcomers tips on how to improve.

However, the fun did not just stop at climbing. An intern at the Department brought a drone to the party, turning the bouldering hall into an aerial playground. By using VR glasses and a controller, the EAGLEs could take off with the drone. As in nature, the first attempts at flight are sometimes more and sometimes less successful. Luckily, the UAV was quite robust, and no drone, EAGLE, or boulderer were hurt in the process.

For those who preferred a more grounded experience, the cozy café provided a perfect spot to unwind. After a couple of hours of climbing and flying, the café was fully packed with students and staff who indulged in caffeine-fueled conversations.
In the end, the social event was a great success! Many thanks to the organizers and the bouldering hall staff!