After finishing their first exam, the young eagles of the 7th generation travelled on the 8th of December to Munich to celebrate it at the Tollwood/Christmas Market.

On Friday, they were invited to visit the DLR-EOC in Oberpfaffenhofen to get an insight into different applications of remote sensing and could listen to several presentations by the former EAGLEs Marius Philipp, Soner Üreyen, Daniela Palacios Lopez, Jennifer Kriese and Patrick Sogno.

On top of that, we had the possibility to explore the German Space Operation Center and to chat with various people from DLR.

That was all very exciting!

In the morning, the group headed to Salzburg to enjoy the Austrian air and to visit the snowy city with its Castle and Christmas markets.
A stop at a coffee house with typical Apfelstrudel, Knödel and famous Mozart-balls was of course a highlight.

We then continued on to Berchtesgaden, where we went on a short hike to Klausbachtal and Hintersee with even more snow.

Unfortunately, this was already the end of the beautiful Eagle weekend. After a little turbulent train journey,
everyone arrived home well and tired with many new impressions.