Marlene Bauer

Marlene Bauer

2023 EAGLE Student


Hi, I’m Marlene, originally from a small village near Nuremberg. I completed my bachelor’s degree in geography at the University of Würzburg. Contrary to my initial assumptions, I developed a strong fascination for the GIS/remote sensing and programming classes. I realized how important these skills are for digging deep into geographic data, helping us make informed decisions, and facing global challenges. Therefore, I also undertook an internship at a geodata analysis company to enhance my GIS skills.

During my studies, I became mainly interested in analyzing land cover changes, particularly in subpolar regions. Besides this, I’m also interested in coastal and marine management as well as addressing social issues related to urbanization and climate change with remote sensing.

Seeking hands-on-experience, I traveled through Southeast Asia after completing my bachelor’s degree, participating in environmental projects aiming sustainable resource utilization and reducing plastic pollution.

Enlightened by these experiences, I joined the EAGLE program to explore in the potential of earth observation for facing existing and future challenges for our planet and society.

Besides from traveling as often as my finances permit, I enjoy practicing yoga and going bouldering in my free time. Additionally, I like to meet friends for cooking together and having long conversations about life, the universe, and everything.


Background image: Great Barrier Reef