Laura Obrecht

Laura Obrecht

2023 EAGLE Student


Hej! My name is Laura and I come from a town in the central Black Forest in southern Germany. I did my bachelor’s degree in Geoecology at the KIT in Karlsruhe. During this time, I have immersed myself in various scientific disciplines related to the living environment and spent a lot of time outdoors doing fieldwork. One of the highlights was working on a project investigating the ecological impact of elephants on savanna ecosystems in South Africa.

I became fascinated with remote sensing when I started working at the Institute of Satellite Climatology at KIT, where I developed a method for estimating fractional vegetation cover from land surface emissivity over the Namib Desert for my thesis. I am fascinated by the variety of research topics and possibilities within remote sensing. Therefore, my research interests are still broad and include analyses of land and sea surface temperatures, vegetation mapping, and remote sensing of snow and ice.

From a young age, I have been fascinated by the outdoors, especially the mountains. As mountainous areas are some of the most vulnerable environments to climate change, I am keen to work on mitigating its effects in the future. When not behind my laptop, you can find me either mountaineering in the Alps, exploring the surrounding countryside on my bike, or in the local climbing gym.


Background image: Namib Desert