Georg Starz

Georg Starz

2023 EAGLE Student


Hi! I’m Georg. Originally, I am from Augsburg in Southern Germany. I moved to Munich four years ago to study Geography at the LMU. During my studies and a semester abroad in Madrid, I got more and more into geoinformatics, remote sensing, and programming and worked as a tutor and student assistant in this field. For an internship and my bachelor thesis, I spent several months at the German Remote Sensing Data Center of DLR, mainly working on the evaluation of traffic webcam data using an object detection model.

As for the EAGLE Master, I’m looking forward to expanding my skills in programming, GIS software, and, generally, processing and analyzing diverse remote sensing and other (geo)data. I’m highly interested in (research) topics at the interface between society and the environment. During my career, I would like to help shape positive influences on the diverse challenges of climate & global change. Within the EAGLE student group, I enjoy the international and collaborative atmosphere. I’m an admin of the student webpage and often participate in planning joint activities.

My sporting hobbies include (long-distance) hiking, various ball sports, and jogging. In Würzburg, I enjoy being able to cover all distances by bike. I like listening to music from a wide range of genres (e.g., Italo-Schlager from Augsburg), and also enjoy singing myself.




Background image: Doñana National Park