Christina Krause

Christina Krause

2023 EAGLE Student


Hello, I’m Christina, originally from a small village in Lower Bavaria, near the town of Passau. In school I already discovered my passion for the Earth’s landscapes, climates and their interaction with society, leading me to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Geography with a focus on remote sensing and climatology at the University of W√ľrzburg.

In my very first semester, the world of remote sensing and earth observation already captured my interest. Recognising the importance and advantages of utilising data derived from satellites to find answers to pressing global challenges, I delved deeper into the realm, taking my initial steps in programming through courses in R and Python.

During a first internship at the German Environmental Agency in Dessau, I explored how remote sensing data could contribute to groundwater monitoring in Germany. Another internship opportunity led me to the University Tecnica Federico Santa Maria in Santiago de Chile, where I worked with a research group on the crucial topic of snowmelt’s impact on available water resources in central Andean basins. Utilising Solar Models and Albedo Models with different kinds of geodata, I gained valuable insights into addressing present and future challenges related to climate change, water management, and urban topics in Chile.

Now, as I embark on my Master’s studies, I am eager to strengthen my methodological skills in the next two years and get deeper into current research topics and applications.

Beyond academia, I find joy in exploring my culinary skills, experimenting with new recipes, practicing yoga for relaxation and experimenting with different kinds of art. As almost every Geographer I love to explore the world around me by traveling and interacting with people from all over the globe. I am excited about the journey ahead and the opportunity to one day put my acquired knowledge to good use for our future.


Background image: Flinders Ranges