Konstantin Müller

Konstantin Müller

2022 EAGLE Student

There always has to be at least one nerd, so here he is! Konstantin (Caipi) Müller is from the small village of Dornburg-Dorndorf, Germany. As his bachelor studies were all around Computer Science, he really enjoys programming, spending hours and hours on two lines of code and debugging the hell out of it.

This leaded him to an internship at Microsoft in Munich, a full time computer scientist job at PDSVision in Leipzig and many smaller student assistances. This ranged from pure programming to the field of bio-medicine. Thereby, he especially enjoys pass on his knowledge to others as a tutor. During his studies in Würzburg, he was caught by courses of remote sensing for his side subject. As a result, he then studied aerospace informatics, before he finally entered the EAGLE program.

Within it, he enjoys great visualizations by GIS and various datasets for data science projects. As he already experienced a full time job in economy and found that it was pretty boring, he tries to focus on the scientific side of things and soak up as much information as somehow possible. Further, he really enjoys Deep Learning for satellite imagery and always to combine those two fields. His goal for later is to work on something meaningful, part of general challenges of humanity.

During his free time, Konstantin enjoys listening to music, going outside (preferably hiking), sui-ing, doing all sorts of sports or playing / watching Esports as well as hitting the drums. Lastly, he loves to travel and testing out his physical borders, like he did at the Kilimandscharo.