Suriya Elango

Suriya Elango

2021 EAGLE student | Member of the Students' Board

“Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’m Brown “

I did my bachelors in Agriculture at Tamilnadu Agricultural University right in my hometown. I spent half of the time commuting from home to the Uni. Where I majored in entomology. I spent half the time killing insects for science and the other half to remember their names.
Then by a happenstance took a jump from science to technology. I did my Masters in Remote Sensing and GIS in IIRS, ISRO. I spent a better part of 2 years.
I worked on wind climatology over Sahara and Arabia for early dustorm prediction. I specialized in SAR polarimetry and growth parameter analyses. My thesis was on Discrimination of Maize crops using Sentinel and growth parameter assessment using RADARSAT in Nashik, Maharashtra as part of the state funded program. As of now my interests lie in crop monitoring/ devising crop growth models, and animal ecology and tend to change at times.
Covid came and sucked out all the life juices like a dementor. And now heading towards a normal summer, unless someone has ideas to invade somewhere.
I joined the EAGLE program by the sheer word of mouth recommendation. Everybody had nothing but high praises which I completely concur to. One week into the course and you realise education is important but learning R is importantR.

Growing up watching football planted a desire to study/live in Europe. Oliver Kahn angrily shouting at the defenders was the first german face I remember back when I was 6 .

I consume memes for survival, reads books to sleep, watch movies to escape reality. I play basketball, table tennis, chess.