Fabián Montién

Fabián Montién

2021 EAGLE Student

Wilmer Fabián Montién Tique is a Colombian environmental engineer. He graduated from the Saint Tomás University of Colombia (USTA); also, he got a specialization degree in Prevention, Attention, and Disaster Risk Reduction from the Catholic University of Manizales, and a master’s degree in City Resilience and Design Management from the International University of Catalunya.

He has been involved in the public, private, and academic sectors. Mainly in projects related to disaster risk management, Nature-based Solutions, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Fabián joined the EAGLE program to learn the potential of Remote Sensing to conduct risk assessment analyses, specifically in risk scenarios as landslides, floods, earthquakes, heatwaves, and water pollution.

He loves to listen to rock music, play the piano and keyboards. Besides, he likes to read, cook, play basketball, and go hiking.