Walid Gariani

2019 EAGLE student

Walid Gariani comes from the east of Tunisia, Sfax which is a city on the Mediterranean coastline. He studied his Bachelor’s degree in Earth and Universe Sciences at the Faculty of Sciences of Sfax (FSS).

He then conducted a three years Engineering studies in Georesources and Environment Engineering at the National School of Engineers of Sfax (ENIS) and during his studies, he was a little bit exposed to remote sensing and GIS. So he decided to pursue that further by doing his Engineering thesis in remote sensing for soil moisture assessment. That was a thesis project offered by a research associate at the TU Dresden.

For him that was the first case when he was truly amazed by how much it can be done with remote sensing technology. That’s why he pursued his passion for Earth Observation by choosing the EAGLE program. His ultimate goal is to unlock the full potential of remote sensing to help facing the worldwide challenges.

Aside of remote sensing, Walid is an outdoor person with a passion for camping and meeting new people, he also like playing tennis and chess.


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