Helena Wehner

2019 EAGLE student

Helena Wehner did her Bachelor in physical Geography in the small city called Eichstätt, but she was born in Fulda. While hiking in the mountains she loves to observe wild animals. This could also be a reason for her  special interest in nature and species conservation.

In summer 2019 she was happy to work for the species conservation project „Waldrappteam“ which aims to reintroduce the Northern Bald Ibis (Geronticus Eremita) as a migratory population back to europe.

During this time and also during her bachelor in Eichstätt she recognized there are many opportunities to improve conservation actions by using and analysing remote sensing and GIS data, especially with an interdisziplinary approach. She believes that the EAGLE master program will give her the ability to answer todays global environmental challenges.

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