Annika Ludwig

2019 EAGLE student

Annika Ludwig quickly developed her passion for GIS and remote sensing during her Bachelor studies in Marburg. By working as a student assistant in the project IDESSA (An Integrative Decision Support System for Sustainable Rangeland Management in Southern African Savannas) as part of her bachelor thesis, her fascination for the possibilities of remote sensing was deepened. Following her studies, she gained professional experience in the aviation industry and in various departments of rural development in Hesse. However, she had the feeling that it was time to get back to the roots and do a master in remote sensing.

The EAGLE Master affords her the opportuniy to expand her programming skills and to tackle the challenges of the 21st century by combining satellite data with other data (e.g. Movement Data) and AI. She is particularly interested in the human-environment relationship, especially in rural areas.

Besides her studies she also works in the nature park „Hessischer Spessart“ as track manager. This gives her the opportunity to combine her two passions: hiking and GIS.  In her spare time she likes to take care of her vegetable garden and work on her motorbike.


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