Andrea Sofía García de León

2019 EAGLE student

Andrea Sofía García de León is a Guatemalan Environmental Engineer. She graduated from the University of San Carlos (USAC). Her undergraduate thesis approached the GIS utilization for assessing landslide risk at informal settlements in Guatemala City. She found this tool captivating and realized its value for addressing environmental issues and improving communities’ development.

She gained further experience in the GIS and Remote Sensing field, which resulted in being called as part of the technical team that generated land cover data for the REDD+ Project in Guatemala. During this time, she decided that her next adventure must be studying a master’s degree in Remote Sensing.

EAGLE provides the tools, skills, and experiences that are essential to combine Remote Sensing with other disciplines. Sofía strongly believes that this program could support her goal of working in developing countries as Guatemala, by addressing problems regarding sustainable development, risk management, and climate change.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, watching movies, and cooking.

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