Ronja Lappe

2018 EAGLE student

Ronja Lappe (26) from Flensburg obtained her bachelor’s degree in Physical Geography at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt am Main.

During her studies she focused on biogeography and first got in touch with Remote Sensing and GIS. She made several field experiences abroad, where she got insights to very different geographical applications, such as glaciology during an exchange semester in Norway, agroforestry and development cooperation within an internship in Kyrgyzstan or geo-archeology as a student assistant during a research project in Southern Romania.

In every project she realized a great potential of including Earth Observation and Data Analysis to the different research fields. To deepen her knowledge in these areas, she chose to study EAGLE. She especially likes the applied and international approach of the program.

Apart from Earth Observation, Ronja is passionate about outdoor activities such as rock climbing, hiking or cycling, preferably combined with camping. If indoors, she likes to play the cello.