Alexandra Belén Villacis

2018 EAGLE student

Alexandra Belén Villacis (28) comes from Quito, a wonderful city in Ecuador. She studied her bachelor’s degree in Geographic and Environmental Engineering at ESPE University in Ecuador. She decided to do her studies in Geography because understanding how the cities are geographically organized and conformed is a subject that few people are interested in. These interests gave her a lot of opportunities to develop many abilities not only in the professional area but also for her personal skills.

She has chosen the EAGLE master program because there is a huge necessity to find out the methods and techniques that experts use in order to interpret the dynamic of our planet. Therefore, all her experience and the desire to overcome are the fundamental driving forces that impel her to excel in this master program at Würzburg University. She is completely sure that she will be able to demonstrate all her capacities and abilities through hard work.

Besides, she has some hobbies that are a great combination of living and working, such as traveling, cycling, and listening to music.