Marcus Groll

2016 EAGLE Student | Alumni

Marcus Groll (24) comes from a small village in lower Bavaria where he did his A levels back in 2011. After that, he moved to Würzburg and did his Bachelors in Geography. He likes Würzburg not only for the studies but also because he can follow his hobbies. He enjoys doing a lot of sports such as swimming, cycling and running. Marcus plays basketball in the TSV Grombühl. He also is interested in food and diets.

Marcus joined the EAGLE program because he wants to improve his knowledge in programming and his English language skills. After the studies, he plans to work in an energy company abroad. The EAGLE program supports him by building up a great global network. He suggests everyone who is interested in the EAGLE topics to participate in the program.

Marcus successfully completed his EAGLE studies in February 2018 with his M.Sc. graduation.